I invite you to a 90 minute session in which we will talk about yourself according to the date we can extract from your astral chart. In general, this includes your strong points, gifts, blindspots, inner current processes and futre possibilities. We will need your date, time and place of birth. The consultation is performed as an honest, open and confidential dialogue. This is a non-judgmental space in which all types of lifestyle, sexuality and gender identity are supported. We can meet at my studio in Palma or online. During the session you can ask me questions and, if you want, you are allowed to record it for further reference. ¿What is this moment asking of you?

Our session may be structured according to your needs. Usually, there are two parts:

Natal (astral) chart

The Earth in the Sky and behind it the fire of the Sun, perhaps a star. This a symbol of the natal chart and the birth of a person
the Sun and the Earth

The Natal Chart or Astral Chart is the map of the sky as viewed from the place where you were born at the moment you were born. It can tell us a lot about who you are, your purpose in this world and your inner contradictions. It may aid you in:

  • knowing yourself deeper
  • embracing who you are and achieving high levels of self-esteem
  • felling good about yourself and with the people around you
  • bringing into your awareness abilities, gifts and other future developments
  • understanding why you face certain situations
  • integrating external events that seem hard to cope with
  • discovering behavioral patterns and making them conscious
  • understanding your relationships better and accepting others without judgements
  • finding meaning in hard and painful times
  • healing emotional wounds while understand who they cooperate with an inner developmental process
  • taking part in wider processes that may connect you with a transpersonal or spiritual reality

Current situation and forecasting

A wall and, behind it, an opening, a door, a path, a landscape, a mountain, challenges and possibilities in the future ahead.
Where would you go from here…?

From your natal chart, we can reflect your current moment in order to help you gain new perspectives and understand what is happening to you today and which future possibilities you may have. It may aid you in:

  • understanding what is happening right now and what areas of life may be calling for attention
  • help you cope with the current situation (whether if it is pleasant or not) instead of fighting against it
  • gaining a wider perspective on the development of your life and its possibilities
  • accepting stressful situaciones in order to address them properly
  • learning more about your current state of development
  • finding meaning in hard times
  • choosing voluntarily and with awareness on what to do or how to act
  • preparing yourself for future difficulties
  • knowing in which areas of life you may feel lucky
  • creating your own destiny

If you are interested in this consultation, please contact me at or at +34 630 773 858.