Relationship consultation

A relationship consultation may help you understand relationship patterns.

Most of the times, our relationships allow us to grow, expand ourselves and get a more fulfilling idea of who we are. This can happen with our partners, our friends, coworkers or our family members. With the aid of Astrology, we can learn relationship dynamics and thus bring into consciousness hidden patterns.

This type of session will allow you to:

  • stablish healthier and self-conscious relationships
  • discover why you keep encountering similar situations with different people
  • find the strong and the challenging aspects of your relationship
  • accept others for who they are
  • know what aspects of your personality you may reject and project onto others
  • bring awareness to how you bond and relate to others
  • discover how to relate to others in an honest, active and conscious manner

We will need the natal data of the people involved (date, time and place of brith). For ethical reasons, both have to be present in the session. The meeting will last for around 1 hour and a half. And we can arrange further meetings if necessary.

Contact me now at or at +34 630 77 38 58.