Astrology is a language; if you understand this language

the Sky speaks to you

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What is this moment asking of you?

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From your astral chart, you can discover who you are and what this moment is asking from you.

Specific question

If you have a specific question, you may get a concrete and accurate answer through Horary Astrology.

Relationship Astrology

Emotional, professional and family relationships may be seen through the lens of Astrology to discover its difficulties and possibilities.

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What do my clients think?

Alekios gets to share his knowledge in a clear and accesible language. I have consulted him in different times because he helps me understanding my own emotional estates. By acknowledging my energy, I have been able to face life in a better way.

Paula (psychoanalist)


Buenos Aires

Alekios has done my chart for my birthday. It was very nice to speak with him about my sign and the position of the stars when I was born. Besides being an astrologer, he is a psychologist, so he approached the fundaciones of my chart from a psychological perspective. It felt very nice spending time with him and talking about myself and reflecting on myself. Today it is very hard to stop for a minute and think about ourselves, our development and where we are coming from. Alekios, thanks very much for your time and professional skills.

Marialaura (founder of a tourist agency)


Palma de Mallorca

To live the experience of encountering my natal chart was a journey of self-knowledge and learning that helped me understand past situations and project what aspects of myself I would like to change, by understanding the estructure and inner behavior of my own personality.

Pablo (musician)


Buenos Aires

What is the Sky's message for you?

Find out! Call me or send me a WhatsApp message to +34 630 77 38 58 or write to me at