Who am I?

Meet Alekios

I am an advanced student at The Faculty of Astrological Studies and I hold one Degree in Psychology and another one on Performing Arts. But I have been studying astrology since I was 20 years old, at an Argentinian School in Buenos Aires named “Casa XI” (“The 11th house”) founded by Eugenio Carutti. I have also gained the “Horary Practicioner’s Certificate” at The School of traditional Astrology, founded by Deborah Houlding. I have also attended many lectures at The Centre for Psychological Astrology (founded by Liz Greene) and online webiners at Kepler College. Simultaneously, I nourished myself by reading greek classics and books on transpersonal and jungian psychology. I currently keep studying astrology as the possibilities of this Art are infinite. In addition, I also astrological events and take part in international conferences. Though I do not offer services about it, I am also a Reiki Master. And lately I have been practicing shamanism. Besides that, when I was 19 years old, I started studying Kabaláh with Ione Szalay. I pursued my studies in Barcelona with Maricarmen Rahel Blasco. Furthermore, I have researched the archetypical meaning of the Tarot by studying with Adriana Vezié (in Argentina) and Philippe Camoin (in France) who claims to have found the original deck.

Publications, conferences and events

«The Millennial Paradox» at the 51st Astrological Association Conference «Turning lead to gold», United Kingdom (2019)

«The Millennial Paradox or how a group of narcisists may save the world?» at Jornada «Astrología para todos», Palma, Spain (2019)

«Astrology, a millenary art for modern times» at Es Racó de ses Idees, Palma, Spain (2019)

The Millennial Paradox, how narcissists may save the world at The Mountain Astrologer (2019)

«2018: An Astrological Forecast» at Nutrición activa, Palma, Spain (2018)

«The Lunar Cycle» at Shakti Om, Palma, Spain (2017)

The Importance of Astrology, at Astrological Association of Great Britain Journal(2017): http://www.astrologicalassociation.com/students/importance_of_astrology.php

The Importance of Astrology AstroDienst -astro.com- (2017): http://www.astro.com/astrology/aa_article171102_e.htm

A Feminist Stand on Astrology at The Writing Corner (Faculty of Astrological Studies, 2017): https://www.astrology.org.uk/a-feminist-stand-on-astrology-by-alejo-lopez/

I at The Writing Corner (Faculty of Astrological Studies, 2016): https://www.astrology.org.uk/i-by-alejo-lopez/